Wednesday, May 6, 2009


These days our definition of what makes a woman a woman is a hot spot for debate. Some maintain that women can do anything a man can do--that there is no difference between us. Some argue that we are created differently for different purposes but that we are equal in dignity. Women have fought and protested and petitioned for equal rights with men, and in some areas of the world they have succeeded. In other areas, they are oppressed and abused (though to be fair the modern definitions of oppression and of abuse vary). For example, modern Americans believe a woman should have a college education, a high-paying job, and someone to take care of her children--this is the definition of success and freedom. Women who stay at home with their families and have many children are often mocked and pitied. You could just say "to each her own" and be done with it, but personally I can't just leave it at that.

When God created Eve, He had a purpose in mind. His purpose was for her to be a help-mate to Adam. He was big, strong, and suited for work. She was smaller, soft-bodied, and suited for nurturing. He was rough; she was gentle. They complimented each other, and God saw that it was good. But then sin destroyed the happiness in the garden, and we have struggled ever since. God cursed them, saying that man would rule woman and woman's desire would be to be over her husband. Men have dominated, and women have rebelled. The power struggle is epic, lasting even thousands of years later into modern times. No, you may say, woman is liberated! But I ask you, is corporate bondage where her freedom lies?

I yearn for the day that I can cast off my paying-job and stay home with children. I long to care for a husband and have him take care of me. Why does society scorn such good things? We are confused souls. Ambition is the one "admirable" task that I was born without...yet I would not choose it for all the world.

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