Friday, October 30, 2009

Blog Revamped

I decided to redo my blog, rather than just let it rot in the recesses of Blogger somewhere.  Why let a good medium go to waste?  So much has changed over the past year...I could say that about the past 5 years really.  I find myself repeatedly seeking out labels that sort of apply to me and then killing myself to fit them more perfectly, which is pretty absurd.  I don't know why being label-less, class-less, and type-less makes me feel so naked, but it does.  So I flit and frollick, still struggling to define myself at 23.  Thing is, I'm nothing more or less than what God made me--and that is a seeker, pure and simple.  I wade through knowledge, spending hours researching different philosophies and lifestyles and facts.  I love learning, though I hate being a formal student.  I am a student of life. 

And I am tired of feeling I simply must capture the essence of God--isn't that what makes Him God in the first place?  There are things I am not meant to know and understand now.  God is beyond the argument of Catholicism-vs-Protestantism or Calvinism-vs-Armenianism...God is possibly even beyond Christianity.  I've discovered that many of the major world religions have similar stories and principles.  Many of them promote love, which I think is God's base. 

Speaking of love--my biggest problem with the world is the lack of love.  People often judge at first sight, picking up on differences rather than similarities which leads to the all too common us-vs-them mentality.  I spend so much time researching people, cultures, and lifestyles because I want to know how I can love people better. 

I'm so interested in gender issues and types of love. 
I'm so interested in cultures and religions and how they affect the people who are in them.
I'm so interested in different types of disabilities and how people deal with the world.
And I love how learning about others changes me and makes me a better person.