Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Settling in.

Well, I've been at my "new" job now for 5 months, though it definitely doesn't feel that long.  I've realized that working in law enforcement answering phones in the middle of the night, one hears *everything*.  I may soon steal dear Crescat's favorite description of "batshit crazy" to describe my shifts. 

I have also been with the love of my life for 8 wonderful months.  This is officially the longest relationship I've ever had.  Before we ever actually met in person, I knew this boy belonged in my life somehow.  I remember being a teenager and sitting up one Christmas with my brother and his wife, listening to them tell me about how it was for them to meet and just *know*.  Growing up I lost that faith that what my brother described could be real...and yet, I met; I *knew*.  This boy is my and forever.  And in spite of the ups and downs and all the hard work, it's the most wonderful thing I've ever experienced.  In so many ways we are the same person, and in so many ways our differences complete and complement each other.  The stupidest things he does are so endearing to me.  It's sickening really.  So anyways, we're working to stabilize our individual selves to better build a foundation to come together eventually.  He's going back to school to get his Masters in Special Ed, which is absolutely perfect for who he is.  He absolutely loves children and his dream is to get paid to play with kids all day.  Also, with his background as a disabled person and with as many camps as he's volunteered at, we is well-suited for Special Ed. 
My love is a former world-class para-athlete, and I'm always enthralled by his stories.  And the body that so many view as broken, I see as so beautiful and precious.  I've learned so much about disabilities in our time together, and I've noticed so much ugliness towards people who are disabled.  People act like his lack of legs is something I should love him in spite of, but honestly it's never been a flaw to me.  I love his mind *and* his body.  He doesn't even want legs, so why should I want them for him?

I've completely lost my train of thought now.  Possibly because my sleep schedule is wonky, I moved this past weekend, and it's 6am after I've been at work since 645pm, lol.  Such is my life.  Rough yet beautiful.